this is an honest open and may be sick twisted perverted, disgusting, sad , happy, abusive, hateful, spiteful, mind blowing, or stagnant.

It is me. It is the goo on the finger that just came out of a festering wound.

I invite all to comment and share.

Fuck your friends fuck your neighbors but alway make love to the one you love.

This is my forum and it is open to the world.



truthfully speaking...

i finally told alex how much i loved her back in high school, i am not quite sure that she understands the esteem in which i hold her. she truly knows how to save a life. 

common denominator...

is it the lowest or the highest either way i am franklt rather tired of self loathing people who are so confined within their own restraints that they have chosen to not allow anyone to have a differing opinion without having derogatory things to say about them. if satan was a real thing he would be bill oreilly.

absent thought...

if i were able to be anything i wanted to be i would be a song a song that everyone knew and everyone loved. not a fad song but an anthem of a generation, a timeless classic. but since i cant.

when i seen the message this morning i cried, when i realized he sent 12 and she sent 3 i sneered, when she realized i saw them she took me into her mouth. i am disgusted, viglance pays threefold and vengeance is sweet... look out sneaker and droplet daddy is gonna smash out and bounce out...

i hated it..
The Confessor