this is an honest open and may be sick twisted perverted, disgusting, sad , happy, abusive, hateful, spiteful, mind blowing, or stagnant.

It is me. It is the goo on the finger that just came out of a festering wound.

I invite all to comment and share.

Fuck your friends fuck your neighbors but alway make love to the one you love.

This is my forum and it is open to the world.



i like this...

im so smooth i feel like a lubed up bottle of lube.

i hate this...

NUTSACKS DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the breakdown

he sent she she forgot to tell me i told his and sent her pics he sent she i was going to slam the...

his cock out in their bed asking my girl for head i was ready to retaliate so i sent the pictures you fucking snake...

the confession
i told her i pretended to be she even though i hadnt . i protected her again.

the C-or