this is an honest open and may be sick twisted perverted, disgusting, sad , happy, abusive, hateful, spiteful, mind blowing, or stagnant.

It is me. It is the goo on the finger that just came out of a festering wound.

I invite all to comment and share.

Fuck your friends fuck your neighbors but alway make love to the one you love.

This is my forum and it is open to the world.



A Fleeting Response to An Un Asked Question.
So no one ever asked me and I never answered.
I didn't lead on that you should have,
I did however desire for you too.

As much as I would LOVE to be the hero to be the bearer and to be the savior, I know I am not going to be. I am tired though of seeing so much hypocrisy going on. Don,t make my children pray in school, seperate church and state. Ban abortion, don't seperate church and state.
I in my non infinite wisdom must be the only one left who recognizes that this country was founded by religious people who wanted the government to be so far away from religion they demanded it in the constitution. If I may they used that and unlawful taxation as their main reason for seperating from the church state of England. I don't know I am stupid. 

Then there is always the religious wing nut who spews forth with God's devinity and planning. I am confused if god plans everything out with finite details does He not kinow that these abotions are happening. Also who the fuck are you to stand in Gods way and disrupt his plan for that abortion?

Get a grip.


I am anti abortion.